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Party Buses

Here is a picture of a party bus chauffeur:



This chauffeur was something the poor the early 1900s could not afford. The chauffeurs were there to mainly guide the rich and wealthy around the streets of Boston, New York, and Massachusetts. However, as industrialization grew and the poor and working class now had extra cash in their pockets, they could afford things that were once limited to the rich and wealthy. Now that the poor can afford things that used to be restricted to them, among them, they can now discriminate among themselves as to who the “richest” among them there are. It is quite silly that they all were envious of the richest but now they are envious of themselves, simply ludicrous.

Moving on, the richest of the average are still the richest in a relative sense. For example, in California, there are places in the Los Angeles area that are so wealthy such as Beverly Hills, but there are also places such as who-knows-where, where the people who seem rich will live although they are not rich, in an effort to impress people who are nowhere near their status as though this should be a pat on the back for them, simply ludicrous. In Wisconsin, there is competition among farmers for who is really pulling the most revenue. Honestly, who grows more corn is not really all that impressive unless there is much money coming in. If you are barely surviving, unless you prefer a simple lifestyle, you might as well live your life normal or switch to a more lucrative career. There is a good sect of people who really want to live their lives on the farm, but as far as the rest of the United States of America, most people want to get a non-farm job and be surrounded by more than four people per mile. Even though people act as though they do not see other people, they still like being around others. What an ironic observation.

However, now that the poor can increase in socioeconomic status, there has been a surge in the vehicle used to differentiate between “poor” and “rich”, in relative terms. For example, in Salt Lake City, Utah, I noticed how there were many competing party bus companies. They all seemed to cater to the same demographic, which happened to be the people of Wasatch Front. They served what would be called middle class people and were interested in providing the best care. For the consumers, there was a competition for the party bus companies. One notable company was Party Buses Utah. You can visit the site here. The prices were flexible, but you could tell from the responses from the phone calls that those who were worried about finances tended to avoid the more “pricey” trips like going to Las Vegas and chose the cheaper trip of going to Wendover. There is nothing wrong with that, but you could tell from the voices of those ordering the expensive party bus purchases that they were proud of themselves. They felt “privileged” for a great trip, which was fine because the party bus owner was getting paid. Those who were getting the cheaper party buses sounded somewhat “scared”, always asking about price, time and time, again. They kept fussing over one dollar here and there and continuous discounts. They were not nearly as confident. However, it is understandable to stretch the dollar.

However, when comparing people who were booking limousines somewhere else, the same thing happened. For example, in Utah, those who were eager to purchase limousines for longer times seemed very proud to purchase it for a higher price. In contrast, those who even needed it for solely three hours tended to be very particular about price and even tried to see if they could find discounts on their purchases. This is definitely something that can emphasize the differences between the “rich” and the “poor”. It is not absolute but it does emphasize a distinct difference about them. From party buses to limousines in Utah, it is evident that this is something of importance.

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All Kings Horses

Hello all. In this blog, we are going to analyze the vehicles that the kings of past time have used for travel. It has long since been known, since the creation of the wheel to the use of private jets, that transportation was a sign of royalty. The kings and queens of Egypt, for transportation, were carried by four men while they sat in their chair. Obviously, a peasant would not be able to have four able-bodied men carry him or her to a destination because the peasant could not afford the transportation and was not as highly regarded as the king or queen of Egypt. It is rare that people other than the king or queen of Egypt could be carried by men. Fast forward to current times, the royalty of today still have people, in a sense, carrying them around as they wish. For example, when certain celebrities and millionaires do anything, their following, well, follows them and supports them in whatever is done. Their actions are carried away by their fans and supporters. In the same way does royalty, which continues to have a huge impact on modern society. We will discuss different forms of transportation and vehicles such as ice cream trucks, party buses, and bicycles, that royalty used to take themselves around.