All Kings Horses

Hello all. In this blog, we are going to analyze the vehicles that the kings of past time have used for travel. It has long since been known, since the creation of the wheel to the use of private jets, that transportation was a sign of royalty. The kings and queens of Egypt, for transportation, were carried by four men while they sat in their chair. Obviously, a peasant would not be able to have four able-bodied men carry him or her to a destination because the peasant could not afford the transportation and was not as highly regarded as the king or queen of Egypt. It is rare that people other than the king or queen of Egypt could be carried by men. Fast forward to current times, the royalty of today still have people, in a sense, carrying them around as they wish. For example, when certain celebrities and millionaires do anything, their following, well, follows them and supports them in whatever is done. Their actions are carried away by their fans and supporters. In the same way does royalty, which continues to have a huge impact on modern society. We will discuss different forms of transportation and vehicles such as ice cream trucks, party buses, and bicycles, that royalty used to take themselves around.

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