What It Means to Be a King

Wasting Time

A king is a person that conquers obstacles. There are many people that constantly that waste their life and their time by doing things that do not bring benefits to their own lives. It is important to use your time wisely, so you do not waste your time. Some animals live 3 to 5 times longer than man’s lifetime; however, man has the need for the time. When on the deathbed, we realize that we waste our time doing things that are not in our benefit. We have used our time in a terrible manner, such as being kept busy in the pursuit of other men’s fortune. Many people are kept in a fickleness that wastes their life. They lull and yawn in that their time is wasteful. “The part of life we really live is small, for all the rest is time. Vices surround us.”

Wasting Time

Why waste your limited time doing things that do not mean anything? Your life is short-lived and you spend it with people who you really do not care about. You spend it with people that do not really care about you; yet, they are all your friends, all deserve your time equally, event though it does not match with your dreams, visions, and goals. Why? Do you feel as though you have ten minutes to just give freely to any person. When you realize that time is something that should be guarded with all the money you can afford, you will truly wish to keep reading, keep growing, and keep pushing yourself to your next level.

Wasting Time

Ask about the men that they know by heart. A is cultivated by B, and B is cultivated by C. No man learns on an island. Every person has influence from others, and they need to acknowledge that the people who people know are the ones that took the time to give themselves the knowledge and quality to get themselves higher up. We have truly been in this business to help others, and we are here to make sure that we can offer nothing other than the best and highest quality to make others HAVE THEIR OWN SCHEDULE. Do not rely upon the schedules of others, because if you do so, then you will constantly be a slave to every other person instead of a slave to God. Why be a slave to another man who has dreams like you? You may as well follow your own dreams, because they will bring you to fulfillment and will make your life so much sweeter.


See that you groom yourself in a way that will make yourself an amazing person. Men rush to stones and arms to dispute about the limits of their lands, even though they do not care when people trespass against their life. No person runs around distributing money and are closed-fisted; however, with their time, they are open-handed to the thing that is most prodigal and should be kept selfishly. Think of how much time was spent with a money-wrangler, with your wife, with the slave, or had a fixed plan like this gate repair company.


How many days have you had a day that is on your own disposal?

Taken from Seneca, On the Shortness of Life (De Brevitate Vitae).

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